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I don't see my "Directions" in my recipes - Knowledgebase / Gourmet Mobile for iOS - Mariner Software

I don't see my "Directions" in my recipes

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Most users who have seen this issue report that resetting the data on the iOS device will resolve the problem. Assuming that you have no unique MacGourmet data on your iOS device and you just want to sync the data on the server with that device, do the following:

- On the iOS device, tap the sync button.

- In the Sync window, tap sign out.

- Tap the sync button again.

- Tap the Reset button.

- Confirm the reset.

- Delete the Gourmet iOS application from your device.

- Reinstall the Gourmet iOS application from the App Store.

- You may also need to separately and additionally delete the Gourmet IOS app from your library on the iTunes Store.

- On launch after the reinstall, enter your sync account email and password.

- Sync your device.



Please contact technical support ( if this does not resolve the issue.

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