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How do I use the Watch Folder? - Knowledgebase / Paperless for Mac OS - Mariner Software

How do I use the Watch Folder?

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 How do I use the Watch Folder?

 A.) Choose the Library you want to import items into.

Watch Folder - here is an example of a practical use. Say you own a Brother scanner that doesn’t support Image Capture on Mojave. Here is a work around.

1. Create a new folder or use an existing folder, this can be located anywhere you want. 

2. Open Paperless preferences. Click the "Watch Folder" checkbox on, then click the “Set Watch Folder” , navigate to the folder and select it, click OK. Close preferences.

3. Open your scanner app in System preferences. Click “Open Scanner”

4. In the scanner app, set the "Scan To" folder to the Watch folder you selected in step 1. Type in an appropriate name for the image tile.

(note: you may need to click “Show Details" in the first window to set these items as shown above.)

5. Click the “Scan” button. The image is now scanned into the Watch Folder and Paperless will import it immediately if the app is open, or after you open the app. Paperless will import an image every 15 seconds until all the images are imported. Once imported the image is moved to the trash.

Note: if you have chosen a Watch Folder Library to import into, Paperless will wait to import images until the Library is open and the front document window.

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