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How do I search categories? - Knowledgebase / MacGourmet Deluxe 4 - Mariner Software

How do I search categories?

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There are a few ways to skin a cat - no this isn't the start of a recipe (hahahah). Ok so all (bad) jokes aside, there are a few ways where you can "search" the categories.


One way is to make a smart collection for the category you'd like to see, let say for argument's sake it is "Salad" then the resulting collection will show you the items that have the category of Salad applied. Another way to do this is to use the search bar on the toolbar. This will show you the "Salad" category items but it will also show you every item that has Salad somewhere in it's record and that could be a note like "Goes well with a nice salad so you don't feel too guilty about eating all pork belly". The third and most powerful way (for graduate level credits) is to use the almighty Lists Editor. The Lists Editor is pretty cool but right now is suffering a nasty re-draw bug which we hope to squash soon - don't worry tho, it's still usable. so here's how:


1. From the Window menu select "Lists Editor" - a window appears. Here is where a bug appears... the top section will probably be blank - but normally it would show you all the categories. The text is there it's just invisible (yes, we played with too many invisible ink games on long road trips as a child.) So to make it work:


2. From the dropdown, select Cuisine, and then


3. From the dropdown again select Categories. You should see a list of the categories.



Furthermore you'll be able to click on any category and instantly see what Recipes its used in. Pretty handy eh? you can click on the arrow to the right of a recipe name to go to that recipe. In fact, you could find out that you have no recipes for any "Puddings" in your recipe box and your life might seem less complete. 


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