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How do I make an absolute reference? - Knowledgebase / Calc XLS - Mariner Software

How do I make an absolute reference?

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How do I make a reference to a cell such that it stays unchanged when I do a fill down? I have for example a sales tax amount reference in my formula, and when I fill down the reference to my sales tax cell is incremented too - I want it to stay fixed!

What you are looking for is called an Absolute reference. 

To make an absolute reference you add a dollar sign on each vector of the address. 
So, for an absolute reference to cell A1 - you'd write $A$1
Here is an example:
lets write a function for cell D1
Now, we fill down column D and the next formulas will be (for D2,D3,D4):
So, you see, the absolute reference doesn't change while the other ones fill correctly.
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