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How do I import your recipes from Paprika? - Knowledgebase / MacGourmet Deluxe 4 - Mariner Software

How do I import your recipes from Paprika?

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***We are experiencing an issue with Paprika latest format change. Our developers are working on a solution.


Paprika, like other “sandboxed” applications purchased from the Mac App Store, is required by Apple to store its data library in a specific restricted location inside the invisible User Library folder on your hard drive.  In order to locate the Paprika data library, just follow these steps:


Open Finder and choose Go in the toolbar then select Go to Folder from the drop down menu.  Place your cursor in the editing field then copy, paste and match style the following into the text field and press Go




Locate the Paprika folder, click once to open it and look for this file: Paprika.sqlite


Copy the Paprika.sqlite file to a convenient location (like your Desktop), so that you can easily locate it to import to MacGourmet or MacGourmet Deluxe.


Launch MacGourmet or MacGourmet Deluxe, go to File, then Import and select Paprika Library. Your Paprika recipes will be imported. 


You can import only the Paprika Library. Individual recipes can be exported from Paprika as html files and then added to your collection using the Clipping feature. To add a single recipe using html, follow these steps:


Find the recipe in Paprika you wish to export. Go to File, then Export and select html as the file format and then save your recipe to a convenient location. Paprika will create a folder that will contain the images used, an index, and the html of the recipe.


Open the html of the recipe. It will be displayed in your web browser. Using Command+A, select all of the content of the displayed page, then, click on your web browser (for most Mac users, that will be Safari), then select Services, Clip Recipe. The recipe will be added to the Clippings folder.


Please note that, at this writing, there are one or two few fields that will not import as expected, such as categories. Also, please be aware that images may not be included with an import or clipping. We are working on correcting these inconsistencies. 

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