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How can I create my own user dictionary? - Knowledgebase / Mariner Write - Mariner Software

How can I create my own user dictionary?

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How can I create my own user dictionary? 

User dictionaries are text files, one line per word with CR end. They are saved as Type "DICU", creator "MMBB". Words must be alpha sorted, and are case sensitive. ie if you have a cap letter the checker will require an exact match. "Alabama" is OK, "alabama" gets flagged as a capitalization error.
To learn multiple words at once to the user dictionary, select an entire document or passage and click learn in the Spelling dialog.Large documents may take some time to process.

To create a custom dictionary, start with the "empty" dictionary provided on the web site. Then add words from user dictionaries using the merge command from the Spelling dialog. 

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