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  • Corey Johnson

Does MacJournal support iCloud syncing?

Can I use iCloud to sync MacJournal data between my Macs and iOS devices?

At this time, only MacJournal for iOS supports iCloud.  Using MacJournal for iOS 1.5 and higher, you can create, view and edit MacJournal documents that reside on iCloud.

MacJournal for Mac OS 6.0.6 does not support iCloud. We are working on a version of MacJournal for Mac that will support the creating, viewing and editing of MacJournal documents on iCloud.

It is important to remember Apple’s restriction on iCloud usage. Apple only allows apps purchased directly through the App Store to take advantage of iCloud storage. Apps purchased outside the App Store cannot use iCloud for data storage. This goes for any app from any developer.

Here is a post we wrote about this last year.

In a nutshell:

- If you purchased MacJournal outside of the App Store, you will not be able to create or read documents from iCloud unless you re-purchase MacJournal from the App Store.

- Apple offers no upgrade or ‘crossgrade’ path for users who have purchased apps outside of the App Store.

- Developers are given 50 promotional codes for each application. 50 codes covers far less than one tenth of 1% of our MacJournal users, so we do not have promo codes to give out to customers who purchased MacJournal outside of the App Store and who wish to get MacJournal free of charge from the Mac App store.

This restriction of Apple’s is unfortunate for our users and for us, but we do offer Dropbox as a 3rd party cloud-based storage solution (that works with the current version of MacJournal for Mac) for users who don’t have access to iCloud.

Here is an article about setting up your Mac OS and iOS installations to share data via Dropbox.

Please note that MacJournal 5 does not support syncing data via iCloud or Dropbox.

Please contact technical support if you have any questions about transitioning your data to the cloud.