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Introduction to Journal/ Entry Transfer (Syncing) - MacJournal for iPad

Introduction to Journal/ Entry Transfer (Syncing)


Note: This knowledge base article outlines functionalities in MacJournal for iPad.

For more information on this topic specific to MacJournal for iPhone, see This knowledge base article.

MacJournal for Mac, MacJournal for iPhone, and MacJournal for iPad all offer ways to transfer journals and journal entries between each other over a local area network. This means:

  • It is possible to transfer journals and entries between a MacJournal for Mac and MacJournal for iPhone.

  • It is possible to transfer journals and entries between a MacJournal for Mac and MacJournal for iPad.

  • It is possible to transfer journals and entries between a MacJournal for iPhone with MacJournal for iPad.

Instructions for using Dropbox to store MacJournal data

MacJournal for iPad and MacJournal for iPhone will both read MacJournal documents that are stored

- on the device itself

- on Dropbox

- on iCloud

Although you will still be able to sync documents stored locally on your iOS device to a Mac using the old-fashioned method of wifi syncing, we are going to encourage users to move away from the old-fashioned method of wifi syncing, and move any MacJournal data that will be shared among different Macs and devices to the cloud. Dropbox is the preferred way to sync MacJournal.

In order to start using Dropbox to share your MacJournal data amongst your Macs and iOS devices (these instructions assume you already have a Dropbox account, and that you have Dropbox installed and logged in on your Mac):

1. Use the current wifi sync method to sync your device with your Mac so that you have a complete and updated set of journals and entries on your Mac

2. Install MacJournal on one of your iOS devices

3. In MacJournal for iOS , tap the Settings button

4. Tap the Data picker

5. Under the Dropbox section, tap Log In

6. Login to Dropbox

7. After a few minutes, you will see that Dropbox has added a new MacJournal folder in Dropbox/Apps/ (don’t proceed until you see this folder appear in Dropbox.It could take several minutes.)

8. On your Mac, locate your main MacJournal document

9. Move your main MacJournal document (or any other documents you wish to share via Dropbox) into Dropbox/Apps/MacJournal/

10. Wait for the status indiciator to show that the file has completely transferred to Dropbox

11. Go back to your iOS device, tap Settings > Data


At this point, the document you moved into Dropbox/Apps/MacJournal/ from your Mac should be available under the Dropbox section

As a precuation, never have the same MacJournal document open in two places at the same time. Always make sure to quit the app or close the file when you are done working with it before you acccess the file from another device.

Note: Instructions for transitioning to iCloud will be provided once MacJournal for MacOS supports iCloud.

Instructions for Transferring Journals and Entries

  1. If you will be transferring data with MacJournal for Mac, be sure that the version of MacJournal on your Macintosh is 5.2.8 or higher.  If you have MacJournal for iOS 1.5, we recommend running the latest version of MacJournal 6.

  2. Before transferring data, both of the devices that will be transferring must be running MacJournal and be connected to the same local area network (LAN). For example, if an iPhone is connected via WiFi to the same network that a Mac is connected to via LAN, and if both the iPhone and the Mac are running MacJournal, the device and the computer can transfer.

  3. Once both devices transferring data transfer are on the same LAN and are running MacJournal, choose the data transfer icon within MacJournal iPhone or MacJournal iPad to begin the process of transferring journals and entries.

  4. If MacJournal for iPhone/ iPad does not see a machine or device previously used for data transfer, it will display a list of machines and devices available for data transfer. Choose the machine you would like to transfer data to. If you have not transferred journals and entries before with the machine or device you've chosen, the screen on the device you initiated the data transfer from will turn black and display an alphanumeric authorization code in white. Enter this code into the other machine or device as prompted

  5. After the machine or device being used for data transfer has been established, and once authorization to transfer data between the machines has been established, MacJournal for Mac will display a list of methods for transfer. Choose the transfer method you would like to use and click Ok.

Options for Journal/ Entry Transfer

In general, MacJournal will use the following nomenclature regarding devices used in transferring journals and entries:

  • Device will refer to your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

  • Mac will refer to your Macintosh computer.

There are four different ways to transfer journals and entries in MacJournal:

  • Replace all journals on device - This option will remove all journals and journal entries on the iPhone/ iPad and replace them with journals and journal entries from the Mac.

  • Replace all journals on Mac - This option will remove all journals and journal entries on the Mac and replace them with journals and journal entries from the iPhone or iPad.

  • Replace matching journals on Mac - This option will replace journals and journal entries that exist on both the Mac and the remote device with the most-recent copy.

  • Synchronize Journals - This option will find the most recently-saved copy of any journal or entry on the Mac or iPhone/ iPad and replace older copies on either device with newer copies.