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I'm missing some entries in MacJournal. Where do I find my backup files?

I'm missing some entries in MacJournal. Where do I find my backup files?

The default MacJournal data file 'MacJournal Data.mjdoc', along with its backups, are stored in your Application Support folder here:

(your home user folder's)/Library/Application Support/MacJournal/Backups/

You can get there by going to the Finder, clicking the Go menu, selecting Go To folder and typing this into the Go To folder field:

~/Library/Application Support/MacJournal

If you want to replace your entire MacJournal data file with a backup, simply locate the most recent intact backup file, rename it "MacJournal Data.mjdoc", move it to the location of your existing "MacJournal Data.mjdoc" file, and replace the file when prompted.

if you simply need to recover certain journals or entries, browse through the backup copies of your file and open those backup copies alongside your default MacJournal Data,mjdoc file. When you find the entries or journals you need to restore, simply drag them from the sidebar of the backup file to the sidebar of your default MacJournal Data file.

**We strongly encourage users to also use Apple's Time Machine as a Backup utility to make sure you never have to lose data for MacJournal or any application you have on your Macs.**

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